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Doors,Trim, & Built- Ins

Basement finishing requires many decisions, ones that seem small but are quite important. Things such as doors, trim and customs built-ins are a major component in remodeling your homes basement. The first step after completing the drywall installation, taping, coating, sanding and painting is installation of doors. Superior Finish can install doors of any kind: slab doors, accordion doors, bi-fold doors, barn doors and french doors. Following door installation is trim and baseboard installation, we can help guide you while shopping around for your trim options and what would work best in the space. Here at Superior Finish, we can make all your minor or major carpentry needs come to life. We have considerable experience in hand crafting: bars, media centers, storage areas, seating and custom doors. Custom built-ins blend into your décor rather than standing out, creating a coherent finish that makes a room feel open. They create a smooth transition between living spaces which expands the rooms possibilities.

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